Brave Browser

AdGraph / PageGraph Integration

AdGraph instrumented Chromium (Blink and V8) to capture detailed execution of web pages, including document modifications, network requests, and script execution. The graph structure allows for tracing the provenance of any change or behavior in the webpage execution. AdGraph is implemented in Brave (as PageGraph).

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EasyPrivacy | Disconnect

Contribution to Filter Lists

Popular filter lists such as Disconnect (used by Firefox and Edge) and EasyPrivacy (used by uBlock Origin and dozens of other anti-tracking tools) have incorporated trackers detected by FP-Inspector. Our reports lead to a new dedicated category in EasyPrivacy for fingerprinting, see ! Fingerprinting in the list.

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Safari Webkit

Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP)

I have contributed to the Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari WebKit. My code patches to WebKit allow for logging of JavaScript APIs and their attribution to executing scripts. Capturing JavaScript API execution enables a variety of use cases, e.g. browser fingerprinting detection.

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Mozilla Firefox

JavaScript API Fingerprint-ability Reduction

Several of FP-Inspector's detected potential fingerprinting APIs are being re-evaluated for their fingerprint-ability by Firefox. We release a full list of APIs detected by FP-Inspector.

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Microsoft Edge

Adblock Landscape

I wrote a technical report that evaluated the feasibility of ad and tracker blocking in Microsoft Edge. I evaluated the state-of-the-art ad and tracker blocking approaches deployed in web browsers, extensions, and proposed in research. In light of my evaluation, Microsoft joined Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) to develop better ads standards for desktop and mobile web.