PhD students

Stuart Aldrich (2024-current)

Evin Jaff (2023-current), Co-advised with Ning Zhang

Yuhao Wu (2023-current), Co-advised with Ning Zhang

I have been fortunate to collaborate with the following PhD and undergraduate students in the past:

PhD students

Shaoor Munir (2020-2024) University of California-Davis, Tina Yeung (2021-23) University of Washington, Pouneh Nikkah Bahrami (2020-23) University of California-Davis

Undergraduate students

Shabbir Hussain (2023) LUMS, Eimaan Saqib (2023) LUMS, Muhammad Hamza (2023) LUMS, Maia Xiao (2021-23) University of Washington, Manasi Shah (2021-23) University of Washington, Zoha Khan (2022) LUMS → MS at Purdue, Muhammad Hassnain (2022) LUMS → PhD at UC-Davis, Charlie Wolfe (2019-21) University of Iowa → Software Engineer at Apple, Charles Nguyen (2020-21) University of California-Davis → Software Engineer at Apple, Talal Touseef (2021) LUMS → MS at UIUC, Maham Ghazanfar (2021) LUMS → MS at Purdue, Vafa Batool (2021) LUMS → PhD at Dartmouth